What is CPM?

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions): cost per 1000 impressions, impressions as views. When running CPM ads, businesses / individuals must set a desired bid for every 1000 ad impressions and ad placement options for displaying banner ads on their website or blog and policies. Included, the price of the CPM packages will vary.


If the total amount you set for the ad is $ 40

You get 400,000 views.

The cost for your CPM ad would be: CPM = $ 40 / (400,000 / 1000) = $ 0.1

Advantages of CPM: This form of advertising is simple, easy to implement and easy to use for businesses doing advertising. For advertiser providers (websites or blogs) you will profit from the advertising of your business, the job you have to do is to create a great amount of traffic for your site. Web site or blog to become partners of advertising systems, typically google. This will become a downside if your site has few visitors or page views.
What is CPM?

Difference between CPC and CPM:

With CPC, businesses can manually bid for your ad, and you can pay less than what you set. This ad will help you save on cost and conversion rates as high as when users have the interest and need they click on your ad and then charge a click.

CPM is an ad that shows when a user is unaware or does not see your ad, you still have to pay for that impression. However, CPM advertising is an optimum choice for businesses who want to build awareness of their brand. Running ads by displaying banner ads is very effective for Remarketing campaigns, going with people who have already visited your site but have not made the transition, helping you follow customers, and improving your brand. After that they go everywhere to see your ad but do not disturb the customer.

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