Tip to have a standard seo description tag

Descriptive tags have been one of the important ranking factors for websites. If you know how to optimize, then they will help your website occupy a good position on Google. But over time this factor gradually faded and even the SEOer did not care it as before, this is a very sad mistake.
Today, you will know why a quality description tag plays a key role in SEO and the criteria that optimize it.

1. Although not directly but indirectly influence the ranking website

seo description tag

Google has announced not to use it in the ranking, instead automatically quoting the content on the page to make the description relevant to the user's query. But do you know, writing descriptions will help increase your clickthrough rate (CTR), which can generate a large number of visits from potential customers.

Why so?

SEOs know that when a user searches for certain information, they are sure to read through the content displayed before clicking on the link. Well, the same header is the information that the user reads first before accessing the website.

Since the title is too short and difficult to convey the message, the description tag will now have a real effect.

2. Avoid duplication of descriptive tags

If you do not know the information Google recommends seo makers to avoid the overlap between descriptive tags, then you must be backward.

This proves that the description card still plays a fairly important role in your seo process. So why not be more active in choosing content for them?

Criteria for optimizing descriptive tags:

  • Contains key words: Make sure your important keywords are inserted spontaneously and intelligently. This is a good point getting google and customers.
  • Content is short, concise, easy to understand: customers will feel impressed and excited to click on the website.
  • View the tag described as a brief advertisement.
  • 135 - 160 characters is the right length for your description tag. If you exceed Google, you must replace the rest with a colon.

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