What is the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)?

First: What is Domain or Domain?
DA Short for Domain Authority. It is an index set by the MOZ to measure the strength and strength of a domain.
Next to PA or Page Authority is what?
Certainly need to say a lot, you look at the above is completely guessed the bottom, but still tell it a bit lengthy
PA short for word Page Authority This is also an indicator set by MOZ to measure the strength and trust of individual pages. So you are on some page that you view this index, it is the index of that page.
According to some studies, these two indices are very important, especially (Domain Authority)

Domain Authority

To view these two DA and PA indicators there are several ways:
Access to
enter domain and check.
- Install Moz on Mozbar on. This is the URL add on for Firefox

The Domain Authority Index (DA) is calculated by the MOZ:

- Age Domain
- Number of links to Root Domain
- Total number of Backlink
- The amount of content on the website (meaning that the index is not wrong)
- Mozrank and Moztrust
- Mozrank Domain and Moztrust Domain
- There are some more but still do not know what is.
The main factors for MOZ to define the Domain Authority are three:
- Age Domain Lifen
Those who live long of course, the followers must also twist, the effort serving the user is more than the new website was born. Therefore, MOZ or Search Engine (SE) prefer perennial domains.
Popularity Domain
This is measured from the number of Backlink that the doctor has on other reputable websites, Many links from other reputable websites show that your website is also reputable, so they spread. SE thinks so) so it thinks that our website is also Prestige.
- The amount of content on the website:
Needless to say, the content must be quality and quantity, develop content regularly so that they know our website is still growing, serving the user daily.
More importantly Content and Backlink must be proportional to each other.

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