10 things you do make dogs hate bitter hate

If you want to be a good host then you need to understand what your pet dog does not like and how to overcome it.
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    Take a shower
    Perhaps after a tense working day, you just think of bathing as a reward worthy of yourself. However, this does not mean that your pet also thinks so and with them bathing is considered a form of brutal torture. They do not understand that the shower is clean. The sound of running water, the smell of the toilet plus the water spray, would make him uncomfortable.

    If your pet dog is extremely scared when sprayed with water, he may have had terrible memories with water. In this case, you need to be patient and spend a lot of praise, encouraging the dog to shower.
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Many dogs do not want to shower

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    Leave them alone at home
    Dogs are a pet in the home and they need to have a boss to feel safe. When you are away, leaving them alone at home for so long, they will feel anxious, stressed and bored, and as a result, they will tear down chairs, curtains, blankets or rugs.

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          Puppy does not like to wear clothes
  • If your pet dog can speak a human voice, make sure that one of the first things they want to say is: "You master, please, I do not like to wear clothes." Nice dress is not a concept in the dictionary of dogs. It will feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable when confined in the entangled suit. Many dogs also express their attitude by tearing their clothes.
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If the weather is very cold and you need to keep warm, just put on your dog's clothing
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    Many people often scold their pet to stop barking or stop biting someone. However, this will increase the fear in them. An owner must always remain calm, assertive not to overreact before the pet's actions. Dogs communicate primarily through visual, tactile and tactile senses. So screaming is terrible for them.
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Dogs are afraid of being scolded
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    Burning fireworks
    We all like the holidays. That is when you get a break, take a walk and watch the fireworks. However, your pet does not know what fireworks are. Many dogs are very afraid of the fire and they will shrink back or flee to bed to escape this disturbance. Never leave your pet alone at home on New Year's Eve and try to reduce the sound of firecrackers by closing all windows to protect your dog.
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Puppies are also afraid of fireworks
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    Hugging so hard

    Embracing is one of the ways to express your feelings for your "special friend". Most pets love to cuddle. But not all dogs are comfortable with hugging, unexpected surprises. Embracing a whole new concept with them, we never see two puppies hugging each other. Take a look at the puppy expression when you are hugging it. If your jawbone is completely comfortable and does not swing up and your ears drooping forward, it is perfectly acceptable for your hug. But if its ears are upright, perhaps you should limit the number of times your dog hugs.
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Puppies do not like being hugged too hard
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    Staring at their eyes
    Dogs communicate with each other using their eyes. In the species world, direct eye contact is thought to be impolite because it is thought to be provocation. When you bring a dog home for the first time, you should let it smell and rub against your friend but do not stare into his eyes. Because it is considered an act of war and you may be bitten by it.
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    Treat as with children
    Many people love dogs, they treat dogs as children and carry them everywhere. But that makes your pet feel very uncomfortable. They do not like to be upside down in their arms and do not like to be driven by trolley. Unless your dog is too old, too weak to walk, then leave it on the cart. Your dog will be happy to be with you on the road.
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Let your pet dog walk comfortably
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    Go without exploring
    People are usually very rushed. Every time we go on the road, we go very fast. On the contrary, your dog wants to go and explore. It will feel uncomfortable if you do not give it enough time to sniff, look around.
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They also love to be explored around
  • 10
    Not following the habit
    Dogs love to live on a regular basis. They will feel very stressed if the employer has an erratic work schedule or frequently moves from one place to another. So, if you are keeping a dog, try to make a proper schedule and work to make sure your puppy lives up to the habit of doing so, so they will feel safer.

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