A simple way to transfer photos and videos between your computer and your smartphone

Not many programs support data management for both iPhone and Android. TunesGo can do this as it allows for the fast transfer of any data from the phone to the computer and vice versa.
Currently, TunesGo offers only a free trial version, for a full, long-lasting experience, you can buy the official version or look for the free installation.
Want to connect iPhone to TunesGo, first need to install iTunes. For Android, turn on USB Debugging in the Android Device Developer's Options setting.
Also you can enter the following key to use:
  • Licensed e-mail: [email protected]
  • Registration code: B9063C0FB9DC0F2FE785682F5C038E10

TunesGo's main interface is quite intuitive and easy to use

As soon as successfully connected to the device, the program will display 4 items on the Home tab, corresponding to four main functions, including:
  • Rebuild iTunes Library: Support to export data to iTunes library.
  • Transfer iTunes Media to Device: Helps transfer data from iTunes to device.
  • Backup Photos to Mac: Supports user to back up images to computer.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer: Transfer data from one device to another, be it iOS device to Android device.
The above tags will be options such as Music, Video, Photos, Apps, Files and Toolbox. The same function is no different than other data management programs like 3uTools.

Export the data to iTunes

From now on, users no longer have to worry about having to spend a lot of time backing up their data to iTunes. TunesGo is quite handy when it comes to letting users quickly export data to iTunes in just a few easy steps. Select the Rebuild iTunes Library option to export the data.
Here, the program will check all the data on your device, including pictures, sounds, videos,…
Tick on items to backup. Then just select Copy to iTunes, so the backup process is started.

Transfer data between machines in a few notes

Perhaps what TunesGo has become superior to other data management programs is the ability to allow users to transfer data between smartphones. Even between an iDevice and an Android Device.
To transfer data back and forth between devices, you first need to determine what device source data to transfer.
Then select Phone to Phone Transfer. Two devices connected on the machine will be displayed in the correct position.
The program will automatically download, update all data from the device to be ready for data transfer. What you need to do is just wait for the update process to complete, select the items to transfer and select Transfer.
If you compare TunesGo with iTools, or 3uTools, it is extremely difficult, because each program has its own unique features. Which one would be best for Android and the iPhone?

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