Shorten links for affiliate marketing websites

A Guide to Cutting Down Links for Affiliate Marketing Websites - Nowadays there are lots of you are looking to make money by building affiliate marketing websites, it can be said that this piece of land is very fertile for The webmaster. By looking at some people doing affiliate marketing, there are webmasters who earn a few hundred to and a thousand dollars a month, but to earn that money is not a simple effort, great investment, and It is important to persevere ... then you have passive income.
To build a first affiliate marketing website you need to invest in a domain name (refer to how to register the cheapest domain name at Godaddy) and you need to have a web hosting site (called hosting, Refer to some extremely cheap Web hosting services from reputable providers such as Stablehost, Namecheap, Hawkhost ...). And do you recommend using the WordPress source code to build a marketing Web site? Simply because WordPress will make it easy for you to build your Web site as quickly as possible, and it's important to be easy to customize.

Shorten links for affiliate marketing Web sites

If you do affiliate marketing website then you probably have to participate in the famous marketing pages such as:, ... these are sites that help you make money from affiliate marketing However, the downside of these sites is that when you do marketing, the links provided are very long and hard to remember, so you need to collapse these links for easy management and tracking. Do this? If you use the WordPress source code is very easy.
With Pretty Link Lite Plugin will help you shorten the link using your own domain name (as opposed to using, or any other link collapse service)! In addition to creating clean links, Pretty Link tracks visits to the URL and provides full, detailed reports.
First as usual you need to load Plugin Pretty Link Lite And install Plugin (if you do not know how to install the Plugin for WordPress you can refer to the WordPress Plugins installation guide). After installation is complete you activate the Plugin you will see a Pretty Menu appear.

#Plugin with features

Pretty Link: Site manager and general statistics link shortened.
Add New Link: Add a shortened link.
Groups: Create groups to easily manage links.
Clicks: Statistics click, ip, referral link.
Options: Configure some functions and clear the click counter data.

Basically, you can leave the defaults as well. When you add new links, you can re-select individual links as well. If you do affiliate marketing, the 307 redirection option is optimal. Redirects 301, 302, 307 you can learn using Google search engine).

#Add a new short link

The important thing of this plugin is to shorten the link, to add a short link you to Pretty Link Menu> Add New Link and proceed to add new link as follows:
Redirection: Select the navigation style (you can choose 301, or 307 also)
Target URL: The link you want to convert (this is the link you grab from the marketing page)
Pretty Link: Replace with your new domain
Title: Link name
Notes: Notes (if applicable)
Once done, save it, and now you can use the domain link to share it! And so you have a domain link, too simple for you to shorten the link for the affiliate marketing site right?
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