How to Remove Site Entries in WordPress Comment Pane

The "site" section in the WordPress comment box is a pretty useful feature for visitors to recommend their blog / website to others when leaving a comment in the post. However, one sad fact is that one of the most popular forms of backlinks today on the WordPress platform is to insert a link into the "website" section of the comment box. Spammers try to squeeze junk comments into your blog / website in different ways. So the best way to solve this problem is to remove the website item from the comment box if you find it unnecessary.

    How to remove website item from comment frame?

    For simplicity, you can use the plugin Disable/Hide Comment URL or Disable comment author links. However, these two plugins have not been updated for a long time so there may be a lot of security issues and compatibility issues with the new WordPress versions. Moreover, using too many plugins will make your blog / website become more bloated and slower. So what is the solution?
    Here is a snippet of code that I found while visiting the site You can add it to the end of the theme (or child theme) functions.php file that you are using to quickly remove the "site" item from the comments pane without using the plugin.
    add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'unset_url_field');
    function unset_url_field($fields){
    return $fields;
    view rawfunctions.php hosted with ❤ by GitHub
    Too simple and fast right? Good luck!
    Do you know of a more effective way to remove site entries from the WordPress comment framework? Please share it with us using the comment box below.
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