Install the free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt to Image Hosting

Since 2014, Google has officially prioritized websites that support the HTTPS protocol on search results. This is understandable because a website with HTTPS protocol with a valid SSL certificate reduces the risk of spoofing and user safety due to the data sent from the browser to the encrypted website server. .

Nowadays hosting services support free SSL certificates from the Let's Encrypt nonprofit organization so you can take advantage to help your website professional and create more trust with users. If your host does not support the free SSL certificate installation from Let's Encrypt, then it's fine, I'll have a manual install on the next page.

What is SSL and Let's Encrypt?

An SSL certificate is a type of certificate that encrypts information on devices or applications that support encryption with SSL certificates. The SSL certificate will have two parts, a Private Key and a Public Key, where the Public Key will be installed on the terminal application that the browser or other applications can access. A data-processing handler, which acts as a key to decrypting data sent from a terminal that has been encrypted through a public key.
To qualify for an SSL certificate, you must register with authentication organizations such as Comodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, and so on. For a fee, SSL certificates are also classified into DV, OV, or EV depending on the type of website. you. Because this article is not SSL series, I will talk more in detail about SSL-specific series.

Let's Encrypt is an SSL authentication organization like Comodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, but otherwise they are non-profit organizations founded with the sponsorship of major organizations around the world Cisco, Akamai, Mozilla, Facebook ... for the purpose of providing free SSL certificates for everyone to help all websites are encrypted, creating a safer internet environment.
Therefore, the SSL certificate at Let's Encrypt will be the same as the other types of SSL certificates, except that you have to renew every 90 days. How to extend, I will detail in the installation .

How to install free SSL to Shared Hosting using cPanel

In this article I will be divided into two parts, the installer automatically with the tools available on the host if the vendor support, and the install manually with the host does not support the automatic installation. So I will divide the article into 3 pages, please click on the link below to switch to the content to see

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