How to nofollow the links in the post

WordPress is mainly used by professional bloggers and they often add a lot of external links to their blogs / websites. These links can be dofollow or nofollow. What is dofollow and nofollow? How are they different in terms of meaning in SEO? How to nofollow the external links according to your needs? Today's posts will give you answers.

What is a dofollow link?

The external links that you insert into the pages and posts that WordPress defaults to are dofollow. Bots searching for dofollow links will continue to crawl to collect data. Technically it means that these links are "eaten" to rank your blog / website.

What is a nofollow link?

Conversely, when you encounter nofollow links, search bots will not "crawl" these links to collect data, so the benefit from ranking your blog / website only for you.

Did you know the importance of dofollow and nofollow links? Now is the time to learn about how to create nofollow links in WordPress.

How to nofollow the links in the post?

Many users follow the methods of WordPress Codex to do this, but it's not easy because you have to work in an HTML environment. You can also create a nofollow link by editing the source code

WordPress, but this method is not very good and very easy to cause errors. The best way to create a nofollow link manually in WordPress is to use the Nofollowr plugin.

How to use the Nofollow plugin?

It is the simplest way to create nofollow links in WordPress according to your needs (like nofollow link, nofollow link, nofollow all external links). It is also very easy to use, works in a visual way and does not cause errors related to changing HTML code. You just need to install this plugin and then create the nofollow link as you like.

There are two simple ways to install it: install directly from the WordPress dashboard and through FTP. After installation and activation, almost everything is done, just log in as Admin of the blog / website and access the article with external links. The next task is to click on them to move from blue tracks to red dots.
Done. You have completed the nofollow links in the article according to your needs and then. Too simple right?

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