How to grow a healthy chihuahua from small to large

Chihuahua is a dog that many people love and choose to be friends in the house. If you do not know how to choose the right diet, your dog will not be healthy and have good disease resistance.
How to grow a healthy chihuahua from small to large
Here, Lamsao will guide you how to breed Chihuahua dogs in every detail at all!
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    Nutrition for Chihuahua dogs

    The first 2 weeks

    When you first get your Chihuahua home, you should not change the diet that it used to until it adapted to the new environment. When Chihuahua puppies get to know your family, changing diet should not be too sudden, but follow a path of gradual change. It is best that you replace 1/10 of the old food with a new one every day. Do this continuously for 10-14 days that you can completely replace old food with new food for your Chihuahua dog.

    30 day to 2 month period

    During this stage, Chihuahua dogs need to eat soft foods or soft foods. Note that you only give it hard food after 2 months.
    During feeding, you should not feed the dog too much at once but should be divided into several meals (about 4 meals a day). At the same time, observe how well it is eating to adjust food intake accordingly.
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    Choosing the right diet for Chihuahua dogs

    3 month old

    If the Chihuahua has a low eatery and skipping meals, you should take the number of meals divided into 3 meals a day.

    Chihuahua stage is 6 months old

    You only need to eat two meals a day is okay. Because Chihuahua eat very little, dividing into two meals a day will help to provide enough nutrition for healthy growth. In addition, in the way Chihuahua dogs, if you want to add meat to the dog, you note that boiled meat and marinated meats.
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    Chihuahua puppies eat what to fast and healthy

    Chihuahua stage is less than 1 year old

    You should consult with a veterinarian and buy formulaic, fatty foods for your dog's development.

    Stage 1 and older

    After a 1-year-old Chihuahua, it is possible to eat adult dogs. In cases where the dog is too fat, you can lose weight by reducing one-tenth the amount of food in each meal, or by eating a diet low in protein, fat and high fiber. With these two ways that the dog can not lose weight, it is best to take it to the vet for a medical examination.
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    How to keep Chihuahua dogs should avoid the following foods

    In Chihuahua's diet, you are not only interested in what you eat, how you eat, but also what foods you should avoid if you do not want your dog to get sick. Is dead when the resistance is too weak.
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    Cute and lovely Chihuahua dog
    Here are some foods that should absolutely be avoided in the Chihuahua diet:
    - Biscuits: Biscuits contain a lot of sugar that causes the dog to lose appetite, even without food, leading to malnutrition, vomiting and diarrhea.
    Chocolate candy contains many substances that stimulate theobromine, while Chihuahuas do not have the ability to metabolize theobromine as quickly as they can lead to symptoms of vomiting, dehydration, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat. More and possibly lead to death.
    Some types of meat: Meat cooked in some form such as ham will greatly affect the digestive system of Chihuahua because they contain too much fat and spices.
    Non-Purified Water: You should not give Chihuahua any extra water except filtered water, especially sugary soft drinks such as soda or alcoholic beverages. As alcohol can lead to death.
    Garlic and onion: If the dog is eating too much onion, it causes hemorrhoids, while garlic causes blood poisoning in this breed.
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    Chihuahua dogs should not be eaten by some types of health food
    - Bones: Dogs are animals who like to gnaw bone but with Chihuahua is different, if eating bones are prone to choking and very dangerous there.
    - Leftover food: Do not give your Chihuahuas food to eat leftovers, or even leftovers from the previous meal, as this will make them more susceptible to illness.
As you can see, the way Chihuahua dogs are not too hard not? Hopefully after this tutorial, you know how to choose the most suitable diet to keep your little puppy healthy.

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