How to create SEO friendly content

Want to create a quality and friendly content? This article will guide you.
Good article content is important, but it also needs to rank high on SERPs if you want to reach a wider audience with it. Here's how to create search engine friendly content.

Quality is always important when writing new content, but it is SEO that can step up your efforts to reach your target audience.

SEO-friendly content is not difficult or time-consuming, as long as you do how on-page SEO can work alongside your content.

Here's how to create content that both your readers and search engines will like.
How to create SEO friendly content

Create original content

There is no point in creating new content if it's not enough to stand out. Even if you come up with an idea from a different source, it is still up to you to provide your unique perspective that will increase the value for specific topics.

Copyscape is a plagiarist tester that can help you check your site's content for its primitives, so it's not appreciated by the search engines and it will not help you get high rankings. Than in the SERPs.

Optimize the title

Your title is one of the first things that a user will encounter when performing a search. This makes them important and very useful when thinking as many variations as you can until you reach the highest rank.
Using your keyword focus in the title can also be a good idea, but do not be too late to include it. Use from source and avoid redundancy to create a clear and attractive title. Target for a headline of 55 to 60 characters, as this is what Google displays on the SERPs.

Also, make sure your URL is relevant to the title, not just a series of numbers that just makes it more complicated.

Focus on structure

Not only content, but also its structure, helps search engines determine the results and will show first. Therefore, a clear structure with titles and paragraphs to facilitate reading is preferred both from the perspective of the user and from the point of view of the search.

Headlines also help search engines get a quick overview of your content, which is why it can benefit your keyword focus feature at least once.

Whether you follow the H1 to H6 structure, or simply add H2 and H3 headers to relevant points throughout the text, the appropriate structure in your content is highly appreciated.

Use keywords

Keywords are less used today as the first signal that your post is about, but they are still useful to provide an overview of the topic you are focusing on.
Keyword research is still useful when trying to decide on the most interesting topics for your readers. Keywords may still be part of your content, as long as they are added in the content and are balanced. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your content to include more keywords, since keyword stuffing can lead to unpredictable results.
After reading the article you are ready to create SEO content with SEO yet? Hope this article helps you.

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