Guide Pet Care After Surgery

Your beloved cat or loyal dog has removed a tumor, broken bones, leg bumps ..., notice their manifestations to heal, to intervene in time.
The famous French veterinary surgeon Claude Faivre offers advice on caring for pets after surgery.

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    Ensure temperature
    After surgery, their body may still be tired from anesthesia. This is the time you need attention most attention. Not too cuddly, cuddly to keep them calm, so keep warm temperatures between 23 and 26 degrees in the first 48 hours. Do not let the
    temperature be lower because it will be a good environment for bacteria. Do not let them run out, especially when it's cold. If they do not eat anything, leave aside a bowl of sugar and let them drink to prevent hypothermia
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    Biological therapy
    You can use biological therapies to help pets recover faster. The herbs, micronutrients are both less expensive than western medicine but less likely to cause side effects. For example, to combat nerve inflammation and to help your body recover better, you can use pet kernels for about 3 days before surgery and 2 days later. You may be able to ask for some extra care from the veterinarian who has just had surgery for a four-legged friend.
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    Isolate other animals in the house
    Observe your pet special two days after the doctor conducted some tricks. Note their reactions, track how they eat, act and sleep. If there are other animals in the house, this time should be isolated to avoid them collide, scratching each other when the body has not recovered. Take them to a veterinarian if you find your pet sleeping, eating or having strange symptoms like shrinkage, foaming.

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