How to create a robots txt file on blogspot

The robots file is a simple file format created with the notepad tool that allows Google to crawl a website. So how to create a robots txt file on Blogspot? Let Discuzviet guide create a robots txt file for you through this article.
Then to be able to access a robots file first you need to open the custom Robots on Blogspot. To open go to the administration page and go to the Settings> Search Options and scroll down below the robots custom section to click on and open its function.
How to create a robots txt file on blogspot

Structure of a standard robots.txt file:
User-agent: *
Allow: /
Disallow: /search

User-agent:Allows search engine bugs to access their blogspot. If you allow it all, you should leave the mark *
Allow: /Allows the search engine to index the entire contents of the page
Disallow: /search Tell the search engine not to be curious about the content of this page and not index them.
With the above code when you are finished, insert them into the custom Robots dialog and save. So that's a complete robots.txt file for Blogspot
If you read here and you are wondering what the sitemap in that article is, then here is the next content that I will guide you in the next week. And now I end the tutorial to create a robots txt file. If you find it useful, let's share it with everyone 

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