Common diseases in small dogs

Small dogs such as Chihuahua, Japanese, and Japanese dogs are very susceptible to some diseases, so if you do not know how to properly care for them, their health is very vulnerable.

Those who love animals, pets certainly want to raise the dogs in the house. Like all domestic pets, canine can be very susceptible to many diseases, especially small dogs such as chihuahua, Japanese dogs or Pekingese dogs. So how to know how the dogs are infected and how to care for common diseases in small dogs like? Please refer to the information in this article for more experience offline!
Common diseases in small dogs who have to know 1
Common diseases in small dogs
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    Heart problems

    Cardiovascular disease is a common health problem faced by small dogs. Because your blood and cardiovascular system must always be fast-moving, you need to pay special attention to your dog's diet and nutrition. Dogs should not eat greasy foods to reduce blood cholesterol levels, making their heart healthier. In addition, every day you also need to exercise dogs with you to improve health.
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    Many types of dogs such as dog, chihuahua ... or suffer from bone diseases, joints.Therefore, you should pay attention to calcium supplementation in dogs diets, limiting foods that contain fatty acids that can cause osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fractures if they are fast-moving. In addition, you should give your dog regular walks and exercise.
    Common diseases in small dogs who have to know 2
    Dogs should walk and exercise
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    Dogs are prone to obesity

    Small size is quite lazy movement so you need to pay attention to diet and nutrition because dogs are also more susceptible to obesity. You should limit foods high in fat, do not let them eat too much. If prolonged prolonged obesity is very harmful to their health.
    Common diseases in small dogs who have to know 3
    Small dogs are prone to obesity
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    Oral diseases

    Unlike big dogs, little dogs often have teeth that are not really strong. So you need to be careful, do not let the dogs gnaw their bones, teeth can be damaged and also easy to get bones.
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    Dogs susceptible to respiratory diseases

    The cold tolerance of puppies is generally poor, so they are susceptible to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, cough crusts, etc. If puppies are very fast, wheezing, It is necessary to clean the nose often, the eyes for the dog clean.

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