Instructions Add Button Custom to WordPress editor

Custom Button is the custom button for what purpose it is like: insert shortcode, insert a piece of text, ... So you will also find that Custom Button saves you a lot of time in editing.
Instructions Add Button Custom to WordPress editor
Instructions Add Button Custom to WordPress editor

By default, WordPress only provides default support buttons on the editor toolbar, such as blacking, centering, deleting formatting, or when you install a plugin such as Pretty Link, it automatically inserts one. Some function on. So how can I add a Custom Button to the WordPress editor?

Doing this job is quite simple because there is a very fast plugin for you. That is the Visual Editor Custom Buttons.

After finding and installing the Visual Editor Custom Buttons plugin, you proceed to activate it to start using. You access Dashboard -> Visual Editor Custom Buttons -> Settings to configure the display position of the buttons and specify the type of user can use.
Next go to Visual Editor Custom Buttons -> Add new to create a new button. Inside:

  • Enter title here: Name the button.
  • Button Content: Button content.
  • Display Editor: Display options.
  • Visual Editor Content Styling: Configure CSS.

You choose the same as the image below, in the example we insert the shortcode and select Icon to easily see.
Finally click the Publish button so that the button can be displayed on the editor toolbar.
Just a simple operation you can add any custom button to any WordPress editor. From now on it will save you a lot of time and make your writing career more professional.

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