8 ways to use smartphone for your thumb

In the present day, it is simple to own a smartphone for anyone. With many smart features, the gadget attracts crowds of users for a long time to relax, contact ... In contrast, smartphones are also causing some harm to users that are formed from habit of using long time.
Typically the "finger trigger", because of the size of the touch phone, users tend to hold the phone with the arched fingers like the trigger. This happens in the long run will cause the ligaments and muscles of the thumb to be curved and inflammatory, which makes every movement we feel pain, discomfort. So how to avoid this situation, let's learn 8 ways to use smartphone for hands below hand.
8 ways to use smartphone for your thumb

1. Change message habits
If you have a long message then leave this habit as it causes your thumb to move in a long, bent ligament posture. Make short, concise text as quickly as possible.
2. Enable auto-complete and debugging
With this smart feature that almost every smartphone has, you can completely message faster, more accurately and without affecting the thumb.
3. Limit text messages with thumb
If possible, put your phone on the table, on the stand and use your index finger or any finger that you feel comfortable with for messaging or comment facebook ....
4. use the voice-to-text feature
With this smart function, instead of holding your phone and using your thumb for typing, put your phone on the table and say it to the phone to convert it into text, and quickly protect your thumb. than.

5. Use headphones to hear the phone
If you often have to phone for a long time, not only your thumbs are affected, but your arms are aching too. Therefore, in these cases, the headset is a useful way to support you.
6. Take 10 to 15 minutes every hour to use your smartphone
After a long period of use, you should let your fingers relax for 10 to 15 minutes, the ligaments and muscles should be back to their original state. Not only that, neck, arms, hands, eyes also need a certain amount of time to recover and rest.
7. Restrict game play on smartphones
Playing games on the phone just makes us have to use the phone longer with the thumbs to use a lot to move while still folding. This is the main reason for your "finger trigger"
8. Regularly perform the stretching of the thumb muscles
This helps the muscles and ligaments of the fingers to relax, anti-inflammation, muscle pain after long phone use.
Here are 8 ways to use smartphone for your thumb that the top five tips have shared with you. If you have any questions, please comment right here so that we can help you!

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