Bug fixes do not display pictures and descriptions when sharing to Facebook

Have you ever encountered the status of share link from your blog / website to Facebook but they do not display full title, description and thumbnail images? The cause of this problem may be because your blog / website is not integrated Facebook Open Graph Meta Data or Facebook bots encountered errors in crawling the link you want to share (cached error, link error Connect to server ...). You can completely fix it and the following article is for you.
What is the Facebook Open Graph?

Facebook Open Graph (or Facebook Open Graph Protocol) is a protocol for communicating between your blog / website and Facebook. In other words, Open Graph is the bridge that makes your blog / website part of Facebook, which promotes blog / website on Facebook and social interaction easier.
Bug fixes do not display pictures and descriptions when sharing to Facebook
Bug fixes do not display pictures and descriptions when sharing to Facebook

Facebook Open Graph includes a set of meta tags, which help you define blog / website content into structured data that Facebook bots can understand. When you share a link on the status or Facebook chat, if the blog / website does not use Open Graph, Facebook only displays the article link only.

When inserting Open Graph into a blog / website, it will make the page you share becomes an object that has social network attributes such as: title, description, thumbnail ... The link share will have full thumbnail images, title, description ... you specify to entice readers to click on the link.

Use Facebook Open Graph in WordPress

In WordPress, you can integrate Facebook Open Graph into your blog / website easily with plugins like Yoast SEO or Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags.

If you are using Yoast SEO, you visit the SEO => Social => Select the Facebook tab and set the same as the image below.

In particular, the most important issue is to remember Enable in the Add Open Graph meta data to integrate Facebook Open Graph into your blog / website..

Even if you have integrated Open Graph, your blog / website may still fail to display the image, description, title ... when share link to Facebook. The reason for this is because Facebook bots can not connect to your blog / website at the time it collects data. And sadder is that Facebook will save this result almost indefinitely.
So how to delete the old index results and create new index for the page each failed to display the image, title, description ... before?

1. First of all, you need to do is to visit Facebook's Sharing Debugger page. Paste the link to fix the problem in the Sharing Debugger and click on the Debug button.

2. Wait for the debugging process to complete, click on the Scrape Again button.

Wait a moment for the bots of Facebook to conduct data collection again. If the site has integrated Facebook Open Graph, your bug will be fixed completely. It's simple, right? Good luck!

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