Snark not, lest ye be gamma

Ivan Throne cites an insightful tweetstorm by ClarkHat and draws some pertinent conclusions.
Snark is more dreadful than men realize.

Snark arises from bitterness. That bitterness is the product of resentment, and that resentment in turn is spawned from internal recognition of comparative weakness.

Do not be weak. Harden yourself, my brothers. Do not be resentful of weakness. It is curable.

Weakness arises in the mind and in the heart. It comes from refusal to accept reality. It comes from refusal to put in the work required to advance and grow. It comes from despair applied to the demand for cultivation, and refusal to delay gratification in preference for instantaneous appearance of victory rather than the true achievement of the apex predator: the human being.

The world was dark when I arrived. I did not make it dark. Nor did you.

But it is what it is.
Read the whole thing. It explains how three generations of sitcom programming have taught boys to rely upon snark rather than proper rhetoric and cultivate weakness and victimhood rather than strength and the will to overcome.

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