Music and mastery

I'm mostly posting this because I love what Leo Moracchioli does, and this video is one of my particular favorites. But can you estimate the two men's ranks in the socio-sexual hierarchy?

Leo tends to strike me as a Beta. Betas have the most fun, tend to be highly competent, and have a playful side that trumps any need to be The Man or look cool. His friend, on the other hand, engages in classic Sigma behavior, sending false signals and laying low before "unexpectedly" ripping off an impressive display of complete mastery. Now, it's almost impossible to reliably judge a man by a single observation, but it's the combination of faux gamma silliness with the brief "yeah, that's right, bitches" gesture at the end that tends to spell Sigma.

Note too the lack of need for any billing or tokens of "respect". But I could be wrong. Perhaps he's just a talented Delta who is confident in his one true talent. Anyhow, it's a great remake.

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