How to get away with it

In which women are advised to keep multiple plates spinning, and how to hide the fact they are doing so:

  • Never got to the same place with different guys
  • Don’t arrange to go on two dates on the same day. The last thing you want is to call your date the name of the other man or getting confused about conversations you already had with the other one.
  • Don’t connect with them on social media. It’s a small world and you never know who is connected to whom and you certainly don’t want any of your dates to post any updates that might give away the fact that you are dating different people.
  • At the end of the day, if you’re not seeing someone exclusively, there shouldn’t be a problem with seeing different people at the same time, so keep your options open and keep an open mind. 
  • Get a dating phone, a separate number from your personal line.
  • Get a dating email. Give both out to any dates and keep your privacy.
  • Keep your first dates very short - a maximum two hour drink date. This way you can 'stack' date, with different men on the same evening.
  • Retain mystery when answering dating questions, for example, if he asks 'who else are you dating?' Respond 'that would be telling.'

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