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What is Webcam Viewer?

What is Webcam Viewer?

Webcam Viewer Free Download for Windows

Webcam Viewer is a Windows solution which lets you quickly view your webcam. Kindly read the full article, you will get a link of Webcam Viewer Free Download For Windows.
The entire idea behind the app is as easy as it has until the release of Windows 7 all of Windows variants revealed a webcam trailer directly within my own Computer, therefore no stand-alone program has been needed in this respect.
What is Webcam Viewer?

When Microsoft launched Windows 7 that this feature has been removed, therefore users can’t view their Web Cams without even installing a separate program.

Webcam Viewer Snap Shoot Feature
Webcam viewer got a great option which is one click snap shoot option, which is the beauty of windows webcam.

Outstanding Interface and Display of Webcam Viewer
Webcam Viewer provides you a really user-friendly interface which is more than simple. This user interface groups them all in one screen that is easy for windows users.

Extra Features of Webcam Viewer
Where you do not need to set up the application form, Webcam Viewer is an incredibly simple tool that is click-and-run. Download the exe file and then run the exe file to automatically make use of the computer software. You are able to save it or it can be carried by you and execute it.

 FILE SIZE:             968 KB

 RUNS ON:            Windows 7  •  Windows 8  •  Windows 10

 CATEGORY         C: \ Internet \ WebCam


 HOMEPAGE:       External site

Webcam Viewer Free Download for Windows

File Size: 968KB

Price: Free


Download Desk Topmost To Float Your Desktop

Download Desk Topmost To Float Your Desktop On Top Free. Desk Topmost is a lightweight and a helpful tool that gives a handy alternative to the “Show Desktop” feature that arrives with the Windows. Rather of minimizing all your active Windows, Desk Topmost desktop tool floats your desktop transparently on the top of all other windows. You can instantly access your desktop shortcuts without having to minimize any windows & automatically return to your regular desktop after clicking on a shortcut button. By default, the application uses CTRL+ALT+D to float the desktop but you can edit this, as well as transparence levels, from the configuration dialog. So Download Desk Topmost To Float Your Desktop On Top from the given below downloading link.
Download Desk Topmost To Float Your Desktop On Top

Download Desk Topmost To Float Your Desktop On Top

File Size: 505 KB

Price: Free


Automatic article paging tutorial in blogspot

Are you looking for ways to break your posts into pages? You probably have seen some popular blogs who have broken their long post into pages in order to maintain the interest of the users and it also helps in reducing the bounce rate. Today in this article, we will show you how to break your posts into multiple pages in Blogger - Post Pagination.
Why to Break any Post into pages?
Automatic article paging tutorial in blogspot
As we have already mentioned above that it is used to build the interest of readers, if your post is too long then it might make the reader get bored. Secondly, it is good for search engines as well, as it helps robots search engines to crawl the pages more efficiently and easily.

Therefore, if your posts are too long then you must use post pagination or break that post. And today, we will teach you this amazing technique to break bloggers posts into multiple pages.
How to Break Posts into Multiple Pages:
So, here are the steps which you need to apply in order to break paginate any blogger post. Before, moving towards the steps, you may can check the demo here.

First of all, Sign in to your Blogger account. Then make sure that jquery script is added in your template and for checking; go to Templates >> Edit HTML.

Install the free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt to Image Hosting

Since 2014, Google has officially prioritized websites that support the HTTPS protocol on search results. This is understandable because a website with HTTPS protocol with a valid SSL certificate reduces the risk of spoofing and user safety due to the data sent from the browser to the encrypted website server. .

Nowadays hosting services support free SSL certificates from the Let's Encrypt nonprofit organization so you can take advantage to help your website professional and create more trust with users. If your host does not support the free SSL certificate installation from Let's Encrypt, then it's fine, I'll have a manual install on the next page.

What is SSL and Let's Encrypt?

An SSL certificate is a type of certificate that encrypts information on devices or applications that support encryption with SSL certificates. The SSL certificate will have two parts, a Private Key and a Public Key, where the Public Key will be installed on the terminal application that the browser or other applications can access. A data-processing handler, which acts as a key to decrypting data sent from a terminal that has been encrypted through a public key.
To qualify for an SSL certificate, you must register with authentication organizations such as Comodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, and so on. For a fee, SSL certificates are also classified into DV, OV, or EV depending on the type of website. you. Because this article is not SSL series, I will talk more in detail about SSL-specific series.

How to create a robots txt file on blogspot

The robots file is a simple file format created with the notepad tool that allows Google to crawl a website. So how to create a robots txt file on Blogspot? Let Discuzviet guide create a robots txt file for you through this article.
Then to be able to access a robots file first you need to open the custom Robots on Blogspot. To open go to the administration page and go to the Settings> Search Options and scroll down below the robots custom section to click on and open its function.
How to create a robots txt file on blogspot

Structure of a standard robots.txt file:
User-agent: *
Allow: /
Disallow: /search

How to Remove Site Entries in WordPress Comment Pane

The "site" section in the WordPress comment box is a pretty useful feature for visitors to recommend their blog / website to others when leaving a comment in the post. However, one sad fact is that one of the most popular forms of backlinks today on the WordPress platform is to insert a link into the "website" section of the comment box. Spammers try to squeeze junk comments into your blog / website in different ways. So the best way to solve this problem is to remove the website item from the comment box if you find it unnecessary.

    How to remove website item from comment frame?

    For simplicity, you can use the plugin Disable/Hide Comment URL or Disable comment author links. However, these two plugins have not been updated for a long time so there may be a lot of security issues and compatibility issues with the new WordPress versions. Moreover, using too many plugins will make your blog / website become more bloated and slower. So what is the solution?
    Here is a snippet of code that I found while visiting the site You can add it to the end of the theme (or child theme) functions.php file that you are using to quickly remove the "site" item from the comments pane without using the plugin.
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